Working with AWS CLI

Bash functions as a AWS CLI wrapper

If you are in the new DevOps space you will see that most of the time when you are dealing with AWS you want to get some information about your environment as quickly as possible. Also if you are lazy like me then you have already some kind of automation in retrieving that kind of information.

In case you are not that lazy and you do not have some automated script to get the information you want then i have new for you. I made a collection of bash functions that will do just that.

The scripts are in a gitst that you can download and source into your shell of choice.

The script has an extension of .zsh that is mainly a personal convention when creating bash function for my local environment so it would be easy to automating the sourcing of script.

Alexandros Sapranidis

Software engineer, keen on wearing many hat, current Senior Software Engineer @Elastic cloud

Athens, Greece