Git Workflow

If you are in the software industry you most likely have already experienced some kind of interaction with Git. There are a lot of sites that describe how to use Git and I will not try to cover that, but I will focus on the how to use Git in your day to day work and show you my personal workflow with Git. What are some of my git commands and some of the git aliases that I use, who knows maybe they will help you some day. »

Using git hooks to remove sensitive data from Terraform

If you are using Terraform as much as i do then you will notice that when you are creating new IAM users Terraform will store that user secrete key into the tfstate. This is very useful if you want to keep the tfstate as the source of truth for keys (no judging) but if you are in a share environment that many people have access to that information, you might want to avoid leaking the keys into the tfstate. »