Clamd antivirus TCP client

Some time ago we at Peopleperhour published a Clamd container and now for the sake of learning some GO code and as a POC, I am writing about how to create a clamd client to expose a subset of the clams server TCP commands. The client code can be found in this git repo of clam-rest-api/overview and the distributable container can be found in dockerhub. The distributable container is only ==2MB== and when decompressed it will take up to ==5M== of disk space. »

Scripting with NodeJs and Docker

This is an example cli application that use NodeJs to build a command line binary and then use Docker to distribute and use it as container. The code is hosted in bitbucket This is using the NodeJs commander package in order to parse and use command line attributes and options. #Cloning from source First clone the repo $ git clone Lets first check that the application is working »

Cleanup etcd2 keys

Define the problem While using etcd2 for our production key-value store to hold cluster state and some configuration settings there is the need to perform some manual cleanup from time to time to reduce the number of keys, especially if you use keys that have the machine id for example hold configuration for that machine. The format where we store information in etcd is following the schema in etcd /service/<service_name>/machines/<machine-id>/. »

Jenkins runner with Terraform

Requirements Hosted in AWS, managed by infrastracture as a code. Have option to have different type of runners Scale up and down the runners independently Runners must have installed docker && docker-compose (1.7.1) Solution We will manage/provision our AWS resources with Terraform We will use for the runners labels and for each of the label we provision an Autoscale group (ASG). We do it like that because we can have for example different runners with higher CPU or higher RAM. »

Find docker container by their process

Problem I have identified a process that is suspicious and I am running in a CoreOs (cause that what I am running :D) containerized environment, how to find which container the process is coming from. My need was introduced because i am using Topbeat to gather system metrics from our AWS clusters and i needed to find some processes that consumed memory. So which container was running this process? »