Working with Terraform and Makefile

For years Makefile was (and still is the best) in building tools which runs on Unix, Linux, and their flavors. For that reason i thought to publish my Makefile for working with Terraform project, that might help you in your next project This assumes 2 thinks. You are working with a local tfstate file and that you will put the Makefile in the same directory as the *.tf files, just to be sure :D »

Jenkins runner with Terraform

Requirements Hosted in AWS, managed by infrastracture as a code. Have option to have different type of runners Scale up and down the runners independently Runners must have installed docker && docker-compose (1.7.1) Solution We will manage/provision our AWS resources with Terraform We will use for the runners labels and for each of the label we provision an Autoscale group (ASG). We do it like that because we can have for example different runners with higher CPU or higher RAM. »

Find docker container by their process

Problem I have identified a process that is suspicious and I am running in a CoreOs (cause that what I am running :D) containerized environment, how to find which container the process is coming from. My need was introduced because i am using Topbeat to gather system metrics from our AWS clusters and i needed to find some processes that consumed memory. So which container was running this process? »

Introduction to ELK stack

When you work with systems that consist with more than 1 server and include many different component that interact with other third party ones, then you also need a way to trace issues. In order to trace issues you need to collect as much information you can about the current state of that system or potentially from other systems as well and correlate with the time of the indecent. »

Using git hooks to remove sensitive data from Terraform

If you are using Terraform as much as i do then you will notice that when you are creating new IAM users Terraform will store that user secrete key into the tfstate. This is very useful if you want to keep the tfstate as the source of truth for keys (no judging) but if you are in a share environment that many people have access to that information, you might want to avoid leaking the keys into the tfstate. »